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Horney Hot Twins do foreplay with fighting then Gang Bang Barberella
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Site: Ultimate Surrender
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Threesome with The Husband, The Wive and their Dominatrix
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Training a Model of a Slave? Day 2
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Punishing The Naughty Pussy
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Site: The Training of O
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Sadistic Rope video no. 30542
Elise Graves - DESTROYED!!!
Acting: Elise Graves

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Rating:  [*] [*] [*] [ ] [ ] | Added: 12th of June 2013 | Runtime: 02min 07sec | Views: 898

Viewer discretion is advised! This update has the most intense and brutal torment on the interweb.

This may be disturbing for some to watch.

This slut suffers so perfectly, and she knows exactly how sadistic I am, so this will live up to what you are being warned about. There is not one part of this update that is acting, this is as real as it gets. The box her head is in, is made of two way mirrors, so that we can see in, but she cannot see out. We get to see her true reactions of fear inside of our deprivation box while being toyed with using a cattle prod and tied in a stress position. The water boarding scene will warp you soul as you watch her suffer through fourteen minutes of this. We shot it with no holds, or cuts, so that you can witness the true non-stop mind fuck she has to endure.

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